Eagle Fly Free

iPodに「faster faster」と題したプレイリストが入っています。ロックやメタルの中でも疾走感のある曲を選んで、激しさや焦りが必要なときのBGMとしています。3月末まで全力疾走で駆け抜けないといけない状況になりつつあるので、「faster faster」モードに入りました。



Black Diamond (Stratovarius)

Eagle Fly Free (Helloween)

The Glass Prison (Dream Theater)

This Dying Soul (Dream Theater)

The Root of All Evil (Dream Theater)

Nova Era (Angra)

Carry On (Angra)

Snap (Freak Kitchen)

Hateful Little People (Freak Kitchen)

Paradigm Shift (Liquid Tension)

Emeral Sword (Rhapsody)

Blank File (Sonata Arctica)

Speed of Light (Stratovarius)

Of Sins and Shadows (Symphony X)

A Fool's Paradise (Symphony X)

Attar of Roses (Time Requiem)

Brutal Mentor (Time Requiem)

Grand Opus (Time Requiem)

The Damnation Game (Symphony X)

Father Time (Stratovarius)

Upon an Oaken Throne (In Flames)

Out of the Ashes (Symphony X)

The Turning (Symphony X)

The Bird-Serpent War / Cataclysm (Symphony X)

Morphing into primal (In Flames)

Children of Decadence (Children of Bodom)

Sinister Mephisto (Arch Enemy)

Tomorrow (Stratovarius)

Evolution (Symphony X)